Hemp Factory

Hemp Factory is on a mission to educate everyone on the nutritional, therapeutic, and environmental benefits of cannabis in all forms. This project was completed while working at Matter Solutions.

Project Overview

Hemp Factory needed a responsive, e-commerce solution that would allow them to showcase their products and encourage users to get to know them as a quality supplier of hemp based products.

WordPress was chosen as the platform for it’s ease of content editing and WooCommerce for the e-commerce base. There were several data structures that had to be considered for this project, including the products and their related recipes and meta data. These were set up as custom post types within WordPress or as custom fields using the WordPress plugin; Advanced Custom Fields.

Once the data structures were sorted, the wireframing process could begin, to explore component shapes and structures, the general art direction and the user flow through the pages. The wires for Hemp Factory were hand drawn in a small scale on paper for quick iterations.