10kb Apart

With the average size of a web page growing larger every year, the 2016 10KB competition challenged contestants to make a compelling web experience that delivers in less than 10KB. I entered and won the award for best design.

Initial Planning & Wires

In August 2016, A List Apart published an article regarding a contest to create a web experience in less than 10KB. One of my friends sent me the link and I was instantly very interested (because I love CSS and a good challenge) and decided to try making something.

During my spare time, I have enjoyed building dress up games. So I wondered if it was possible to make one of those. Without JavaScript. At first the idea seemed laughable, because you would need some way to toggle between states.

Then I realised I could use the checkbox hack. Sure, it’s a hack, but it would certainly serve for this purpose. AND it would be accessible as well, because the labels would denote what the props would be in text form, as well as visual.