I’m a web designer and developer, based in Brisbane, Australia. I love the openness of the web and the new opportunities it brings as a medium.

A little About Me

Out and about, I travel everywhere with a notebook, sketching out ideas, or scribbling down thoughts. I’m one of those classic nerd-types, with a quirky sense of humour and a love of learning. Many of my creative endeavours end up on my website in the form of digital & pixel artwork, or tutorials explaining how I’ve made something.

I’m actively involved in the technology community in southeast Queensland, attending and helping at several of the WordPress meetups.

Some of my Skills

I have what might be considered a versatile skill-set, having worked as both a designer and a developer. I have also worked doing freelance illustration and game sprites as well and found several aspects that are transferable to different roles. Below are some of the technologies I work with on a daily basis.

Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

For design elements, logos, print work, sketching and digital painting.


The CSS pre-processor – primarily the SCSS form. I like using BEM as a naming convention to keep the CSS maintainable.


The popular PHP based Content Management System. I understand the WordPress way and prefer working with hooks and filters to keep themes and plugins flexible.


For versioning the code base and ensuring a team can all work together. For most projects, they’re small enough to work as feature branches from a main Development branch.


JavaScript task runner for code linting, CSS / JS compilation, minification and automation of generally mundane tasks.


NodeJS Package manager for installing front-end dependencies. I’ve also had experience releasing my own NPM package.


A JavaScript based project scaffolder, for faster development. I built a generator to scaffold out WordPress components for the base framework I helped to develop.

HTML5 / CSS3 / jQuery

I remember the days before these were even a thing. Dark times they were.